Care Plus Midge-Proof Bell Net (2 man)

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The Care Plus Midge-Proof Bell Net has an extra  fine mesh - 900 holes per square inch - to protect you against the very smallest biting insects including midges and sand-flies. With standard mosquito nets the holes are large enough for these insects to get through, but the fineness of the mesh on the Midge-Proof Bell Net means that you are safe from irritation. The Midge-Proof Net is supplied with a suspension ring and a hanging kit and is large enough for two people to use on a double or king-size bed. 

Suitable for two people
- F
or use at home or for travel
Large size means it can fit almost any bed
- Ultra-f
ine mesh
Basic hanging kit included

Midge-Proof Bell
Colour : Green
Shape : Bell
Dimensions (Circumference x Height) : 10 x 2.45m

Pack Size : 100 x 210 x 210mm
Weight : 810g
Mesh Size : 900 holes per square inch

With an ultra-fine mesh sleeping conditions can quickly become warm or stuffy, and as this net is not impregnated with insecticide it is not recommended for use against mosquitoes. However, if you are travelling to an area where you know that sand-flies or midges are a problem (Scotland and Scandinavia, Canada, the Caribbean, certain parts of Africa, etc) then this net could be the differance between comfortable sleep and no sleep at all.

Care Plus mosquito nets are designed in their own atelier and are manufactured to the strictest quality standards.  The nets themselves are made from a high-quality multi-fibre polyester which remains tough and strong to ensure a long life-span for the structure of the net.  All Care Plus mosquito nets are manufactured using a socially responsible and environmentally friendly process to provide you with a mosquito net that combines effectiveness, durability and safety.

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