Care Plus Mosquito Net Solo Box (1 man)

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The Care Plus Solo Box Mosquito Net is a versatile one-person net that can be used in three different shapes based upon the needs of the user or the availability of hanging points.  The Solo-Box can be used either as a box net (4 top corners need to be suspended), a wedge net (the two head end corners require suspension) or as a tent (2 suspension points, central at each end) - the box shape (in particular) offers the best internal space of any of our 1 man nets. The Solo Box comes equipped with a basic hanging kit that includes safety pins, cord and hooks to give you options on the best way to suspend your net.

- One-person net
- Versatile - three different shapes (box, tent or wedge)
- 2 or 4 suspension points based on shape
- Long-lasting DURALLIN impregnation
- Spacious
- Wash up to 20 times

Solo-Box Mosquito Net

Dimensions (l x w x h) : 220 x 110 x 200cm
Pack Size : 120 x 120 x 210mm
Weight : 500g
Mesh Size : 225 holes per square inch

DURALLIN Long-Lasting Impregnation
The World Health Organization recommends the use of an impregnated mosquito net for travel to areas with a high risk of malaria (including Tropical Africa, the Amazon basin and parts of southeast Asia) - where a non-impregnated net is used it is possible for a mosquito to land on the net and penetrate it with its proboscis.  

Care Plus uses DURALLIN impregnation for its mosquito nets - DURALLIN is deadly to mosquitoes, flies and other arthropods, but can be used without risk by humans.  The technology used to impregnate Care Plus Mosquito nets means that a minimum dose of DURALLIN can be used, allowing the net to be used instantly without time required for airing (not always the case with other LLI mosquito nets).  DURALLIN impregnated nets remain effective from 3 years (indoor use) to 1 year (outdoor use), but their life can be extended by keeping them in their storage bag when not in use.  The nets can also be washed up to 20 times without reducing your protection.

Care Plus mosquito nets are designed in their own atelier and are manufactured to the strictest quality standards.  The nets themselves are made from a high-quality multi-fibre polyester - this material is ideally suited for DURALLIN impregnation but remains tough and strong to ensure a long life-span for the structure of the net.  All Care Plus mosquito nets are manufactured using a socially responsible and environmentally friendly process to provide you with a mosquito net that combines effectiveness, durability and safety.

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