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Care Plus


A tick bite can cause Lyme disease and FSME. When it comes to ticks it is important to cover your skin, and apply tick repellent to uncovered skin. Checking for bites after visiting a tick infested area (a.o. gardens, dunes, meadows and woodland) should simply become routine at the end of the day. To minimise the risk of infection, ensure that the tick is removed as soon as possible.

When it comes to tick and insect repellents, there’s a variety of active ingredients available. For children, DEET-free products are often the best option. Care Plus® Anti-Tick repellent uses Citriodiol®, the essential oil of the Lemon Eucalyptus tree. Offering up to 6 hours of protection, it’s safe to be used by all the family – even infants aged just 3 months.

Key Features
Natural ingredients make this suitable for those with sensitive skin
Powerful Citriodiol®-based tick repellent 
Offers up to six hours of protection against ticks, as well as other biting insects
DEET-free tick repellent based on lemon eucalyptus extract
Suitable for children aged three months and older
Natural Spray offers protection for up to 6 hours
One bottle provides enough Natural Spray for one month's constant use or many evenings in the garden

Dimensions : 53 x 29 x 146mm
Weight : 125g
Contents : 100ml

How to Use
For the most effective use of Care Plus Anti-Tick it should be applied sparingly and carefully to all parts of the body not covered by clothing - the repellent should be spread evenly over the skin. Avoid contact with mucous membranes, eyes, nose (nasal passages) and lips - to protect the face from insect bites first apply the lotion ot the palm of your hand and use your hand to apply carefully to your face. Care Plus Anti-Tick should not be applied to damaged skin (cuts, scratched or sunburn) and areas where skin folds occur, such as behind the knees or inside the elbows, should either not be treated, or be treated very lightly.

Care Plus Anti-Tick should ideally be applied at least 10 minutes before exposure to direct sunlight, and very importantly, when combined with a sun block the sun block should be applied FIRST and if possible you should wait 30 minutes before application of the Natural Spray. When protection is no longer required all areas of the skin where application took place should be washed.