Care Plus Sun Care - Sensitive (SPF50)

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36156 Sensitive Sun Protection
Care Plus


Care Plus Sun  Care Sensitive provides very high UV-A and UV-B protection for the skin - protecting them against sunburn, skin aging and other sun damage. This formulation is great for those with sensitive skin and also ideal for children as it contains a number of skin-soothing ingredients, including Shea butter and Canadian Willow Herb. Care Plus Sun Protection Sensitive is highly water resistant but does not feel sticky on the skin - it is the perfect solution for a family to enjoy the sun together.  in addition this formulation contains no fragrance allergens and is free of parabans (preservative).

Sun Protection
Sensitive Sun Lotion offers strong protection against the harmful rays of the sun - it offers a protection factor SPF50 against both UV-A and UV-B in accordance with EU recommendations   Sensitive Sun Care also contains Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant.

Key Features
Ideal for children
Great for adults with sensitive skin

SPF50 - very high UV-A / UV-B protection
Highly water resistant
Contains Shea Butter, Canadian Willow Herb and many other ingredients to help soothe the skin

Dimensions : 48 x 30 x 122mm
Weight : 108g
Contents : 100ml

Tips for extra protection for children
 - Do not leave infants younger than 12 months in any direct sunlight
 - Clothing provides good protection against the sun (including a hat) but wet clothing provides less protection
 - UV radiation is also present on cloudy days - clouds do not block the rays of the sun
 - Children do not need to wear sunglasses - toy sunglasses are particularly bad as they can widen the pupils without offering any protection
 - Apply sunscreen to your child 30 minutes before exposure to the sun
 - Apply extra sunscreen to sensitive areas such as the nose, ears and neck
 - Reapply every 2 hours - always reapply after swimming.  All water resistant products are partially removed in water, when drying or when playing in sand
 - Sunscreen is not only for the beach!
 - From the seventh month of pregnancy your child's eyes are fully developed - it is recommended to lay a towel over your tummy while sunbathing. 

Using Sun Protection products in combination with Insect Repellents
Care Plus advise that, if you intend to use both a sun protection product and an insect repellent, you should follow these steps
 - Apply the sun protection product first and allow it to be fully absorbed (30mins)
 - Rub in the insect repellent and let it dry entirely before exposing your skin to the sun
 - Before re-application of either product it is best to wash the skin and let it dry
Care Plus does not recommend the use of a combined repellent / sun protection product as the length of protection offered by each element will vary - and this means that you may think you are protected (against insects or the sun) when you are not