Care Plus Sun Care - Face & Lip (SPF50/30)

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36152 Face & Lip
Care Plus


Care Plus Face and Lip is a handy combination of a tube of sun protection cream for your face (SPF 50) with a separate lip balm (SPF30) contained in the lid.

Although Care Plus Face & Lip was first designed for winter sports it has grown to be useful all year round. Face & Lip Sun Screen nourishes and soothes the skin while offering very high protection against the harmful rays of the sun.  The "face" sun cream soothes the skin thanks to the Canadian Willow Herb, elements of sunflower and other nourishing ingredients while the "lip"-balm is perfect for chapped, dry lips and contains Vitamin E and shea butter.  Care Plus Face and Lip is ideal for cold climates, but has applications throughout the warmer months too - its two in one design means that it is easy to slip into a bag to ensure that your sun protection is available to top up when needed - and it is also handy for sports throughout the summer.

Key Features 
SPF 50 Face Cream and SPF 30 Lip Balm
Nurtures and soothes the skin thanks to carefully selected ingredients
Compact - fits easily into the pocket of ski pants
Pleasant fragrance (perfume without allergens)

Dimensions : 23 x 23 x 120mm
Weight : 32g
Contents : 20ml

Using Sun Protection products in combination with Insect Repellents
Care Plus advise that, if you intend to use both a sun protection product and an insect repellent, you should follow these steps
 - Apply the sun protection product first and allow it to be fully absorbed (30mins)
 - Rub in the insect repellent and let it dry entirely before exposing your skin to the sun
 - Before re-application of either product it is best to wash the skin and let it dry
Care Plus does not recommend the use of a combined repellent / sun protection product as the length of protection offered by each element will vary - and this means that you may think you are protected (against insects or the sun) when you are not.