Care Plus Mosquito Net Lightweight Bell (2 man)

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33705 Lightweight Bell Net
Care Plus


The Care Plus Lightweight Bell Mosquito Net (DURALLIN LLI) is the lightweight version of the standard bell net, weighing only 480g compared to 600g. To achieve this saving in weight the lightweight bell is slightly smaller, (850cm diamater compared to 1050cm) and utilises a lighter diamond weave. The net is still adequately sized for use on a double bed, for 1 or 2 people.

- Suitable for one / two people
- Compact, lightweight, ideal for travel
- One suspension point
- Long Lasting DURALLIN Impregnation
- Basic hanging kit included
- Wash up to 20 times<

Dimensions (Circumference x Height) : 850 x 225cm
Pack Size : 90 x 230 x 320mm
Weight : 480g
Mesh Size : 156 holes per square inch

DURALLIN Long-Lasting Impregnation
The World Health Organization recommends the use of an impregnated mosquito net for travel to areas with a high risk of malaria (including Tropical Africa, the Amazon basin and parts of southeast Asia) - where a non-impregnated net is used it is possible for a mosquito to land on the net and penetrate it with its proboscis.  

Care Plus mosquito nets are manufactured entirely in line with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that all impregnated mosquito nets are manufactured with a mesh size of at least 156 holes per square inch (2.54 cm), a fibre thickness of 75 denier, and a quadrilateral, material-saving rhombus mesh pattern. Impregnation ensures that mosquitoes (including malaria mosquitoes) do not land on the net or bite through it. Thanks to the sustainable Durallin® technology, the contact insecticide Permethrin (CAS No. 258-067-9) adheres to the mosquito net. The long-lasting impregnation remains effective up to 3 years. We recommend that you use impregnated nets in a well-ventilated area and wash your hands after contact.

Keep impregnated nets out of reach of children. .

Care Plus nets are made from durable polyester fibre. All Durallin® impregnated bed nets and bug sheets can be washed by hand 20 x at 30 °C without losing their effectiveness. Preferably use a chlorine-free washing detergent. Always store the net in its accompanying bag in a dark place. Keep impregnated nets out of reach of children.

Tip! - Take the environment into consideration if you wish to throw away an impregnated net. Consult your local authority to find a nearby collection point for chemical waste.

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