Care Plus First Aid Kit Sterile

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Care Plus


The Care Plus First Aid Kit Sterile is a comprehensive set of sterile materials designed to be carried with you to areas of the world where medical care is known to be poor. The set contains assorted needles, lancets and syringes, in the case of a medical emergency these should be handed to the local healthcare professional so that you can be ensured that there is a greatly reduced chance of infection from injections, from a blood transfusion, or from more complex operations.

- A comprehensive set of sterile materials
- Designed to be taken to parts of the world where medical care / supplies are not as comprehensive
- Contained within a sturdy, flexible case

Stepping Out Recommends : A useful selection for travel to remote areas if you already have a first aid kit, or, if you are backpacking in a pair, one can carry first aid materials and the other sterile materials.  

Dimensions : 80 x 195 x 185mm
Weight : 240g


2 x Pair of vinyl gloves
6 x Alcohol wipes
20 x Assorted plasters
1 x Stitching thread & needle
1 x Scalpel
1 x Doctor’s Statement
1 x IV Needle (Cannula IV) 125 ml/min
1 x Tooth needle 0.4x35mm
3 x Disposable syringes 2ml
5 x Disposable syringes 5ml
5 x Disposable needles 0.4x20mm
5 x Disposable needles 0.8x40mm
5 x Blood lancets
1 x Care Plus® First Aid Guidance card

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