Healthy Back Bag - Textured Nylon (Small)

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Healthy Back Bags

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The Healthy Back Bag in textured Nylon is designed around you! The fully adjustable non-slip strap allows the bag to be worn cross-body or on a single shoulder, and the ergonomic curve of the bag moulds to the shape of your back, minimising the strain on your spine, neck and shoulders and keeping the weight evenly balanced. The Healthy Back Bag also offers utility with multiple cleverly configured pockets inside and out, and a main zip that is only accessible to you.

- Unisex
- Ergonomic : fits to the shape of your back
- Balance : weight is evenly distributed across your back
- Organise : pockets, holders, gussets and hooks, inside and out
- Secure : Main zip rests against your back
- Non-slip strap
- Range of vibrant colours

Size Details - Small
43 x 23 x 15cm
7 litre capacity
(Most popular everyday size)

Fabric Details
100% Textured Nylon : provides for everyday use, whether working or travelling. The material allows the bag to remain lightweight and is machone washable.

The Anatomy of the Healthy Back Bag


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