Incognito Incense Sticks (x10)


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Incognito Incense Sticks provide an effective, non-toxic mosquito shield and can be used both indoors and out to help keep mosquitoes away from an area. The incense sticks emit a strong refreshing scent and will each burn for up to an hour (one pack contains 10 incense sticks).

- Natural Mosquito protection
- Each stick burns for approximately 1 hour
- Useable indoors and outside
- Particularly effective at dusk

Incognito Incense sticks have been tested to show that they can reduce mosquito landings by up to 75%

Contents : 10 Sticks
Weight : 65g 
Measurements : 225 x 90 x 8mm

All natural ingredients : 70% parawood, 30% lemongrass (different batches of Incognito incense can look and smell different due to the use of natural ingredients)