LuggageHunters Dual Travel Pack

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LHTDP Dual Travel Pack


The LuggageHunters Dual Travel Pack provides tags and labels for the use of two people when travelling, be that a round-the-world year-long odyssey, or a quick city-break jaunt to Prague. The pack contains four tags (two large, two small) for suitcases and keys, and four labels (two large, two small) for passports and electronic items / cameras etc.


How does it work?

Each label bears a LuggageHunters code – when you receive your pack you visit the Luggagehunters website and activate your code by associating it with one or two mobile phone numbers. Your tags / labels are now active and can be attached to the items you wish to protect.

If something is lost then the finder can visit the website, enter your code and is then able to send a text message (SMS) through the website providing details of where / how you can recover your property. The website then translates and forwards this message to your mobile phone.

The service is totally private – the sender does not ever see your mobile phone number – and no names or addresses are ever held. Furthermore, the only payment ever made is the initial purchase, there is no subscription fee, so no financial details are held.

Railway and airport lost luggage offices testify to the number of items mislaid each year – for the majority of these there is no easy way to reunite them with their owner. LuggageHunters provides a route for the return of precious items whosoever might find them.

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