Mosquito Nets - Quick Comparison and Glossary

Picking exactly the right mosquito net for your needs can be problematic as there are numberous things to consider - the size and shape of the net, whether it is treated with insecticide, the fineness of the mesh, how much it weighs, etc. We hope that this page will help you make easy comparisons between all our different nets and will help to ensure that you purchase exactly what you need.

To aid your deliberation we have divided our nets into four main categories:
One Person Nets - mosquito nets designed for only one person, particularly concentrating on lightweight and compact nets for backpacking
One / Two Person Nets - lightweight, compact nets, big enough for two but small enough to be spacious one-person nets
Two Person Nets - our largest nets, generally suitable for use over double or king-sized beds
Micellaneous Nets - anything unconventional (includes a flat rectangular sheet and a net for a baby's cot)

At the foot of the page your will find the Glossary : a detailed explanation of mesh size and type, net shapes and different types of treatment

One Person Nets

Care Plus - Pop-up Dome (£31.50)
Works like a pop-up tent : requires no hanging and sets-up in less than 30 seconds. Our best-selling one person net.
Pop-up Dome

Care Plus - Wedge Mosquito Net (£31.50)
Care Plus's most lightweight and compact single person net - suitable for backpackers and those travelling light

Pyramid Compact Mosquito Net (£17.00)
One of our cheapest nets - economical with size, but lightweight and compact. Great for backpackers.
Pyramid Compact NetPyramid Compact Mosquito Net

Care Plus Solo-Box Mosquito Net (£27.00)
Our most spacious single person net. Versatile shape (box / wedge / tent) facilitates hanging in most locations
Solo BoxSolo-Box Mosquito Net

Pyramid Mosinet Single (£45.00)
A totally free-standing net reqiring no hanging. Heavier and larger packed than other nets, but great for hotel use
Pyramid Mosinet SingleMosinet Single

Snugpak Backpacker Mosquito Net (£25.50)
Peg loops and valence ring make this our best net for outdoor use - works well indoors too. Lightweight & compact
Snugpak Backpacker NetSnugpak Backpacker Net

Snugpak Single Mosquito Net (£17.00)
A lightweight budget net that is box- rather than wedge-shaped. Offers great space at a very economical price.
Snugpak Single NetSnugpak Single Net

One / Two Person Nets

Care Plus Lightweight Bell Mosquito Net (£36.00)
This net is our lightest and most compact 2-man net (although it works as a spacious one-man net too)

Two Person Nets

Care Plus Combi-Box Mosquito Net (£36.00)
Large and spacious, this net offers a variety of hanging options - use as a box, a wedge or a tent. Suitable for home or travel use
Combi-Box NetCombi-Box Mosquito Net

Pyramid Mosinet Double (£49.00)
A freestanding net that requires no hanging - fits double / king-size beds. Added weight / size makes it difficult for backpacking -  but great for hotel use.
Mosinet DoubleMosinet Double

Care Plus Mosquito Net Bell (£36.00)
Tried-and-tested, the Care Plus Bell is the best selling net in Europe. Single connection point makes hanging easy. Large and spacious
Mosquito Net BellCare Plus Bell Mosquito Net  

Snugpak Double Mosquito Net (£21.50)
An economical box-shaped two person net, compact and lightweight - perfect for those travelling on a budget 
Snugpak Double NetSnugpak Double Net

Care Plus Mosquito Net Bell (Non-treated) (£30.00)
A non-impregnated net for use in the UK and northern Europe - perfect for home near lakes and ponds where mosquitoes are a problem
Mosquito Net Bell (Non treated)Bell Mosquito Net (Non-treated)

Care Plus Mosquito Net Midge-Proof Bell (£31.50)
A non-impregnated net with a mesh three times finer than any other in our selection. For use against midges, sandflies and other tiny flying insects
Midge Proof BellMidge Proof Bell

Miscellaneous Mosquito Nets

Care Plus Bugsheet (£9.00)
A rectangular sheet of mosquito netting useful for repairs of existing nets, as a screen, as a bedsheet against bedbugs, a groundsheet for picnics - and more

Pyramid Premium Baby Cot Mosquito Net (£30.00)
A mosquito net designed to fit comfortably over a baby's cot or playpen - bell shaped, but small enough to be easily manageable
Cot Mosquito NetPyramid Cot Mosquito Net


Information on mesh rating

The mesh rating of a mosquito net refers to the humber of holes found within one square inch of the netting - thus the higher the rating the finer the mesh. It is recommended that for use against mosquitoes nets have a mesh rating of at least 156 holes per square inch (all our nets have at least this rating), however, for smaller insects such as midges and sandflies a much finer mesh is required - they can penetrate a net designed to screen mosquitoes.

However, there is a compromise to be made, as the fineness of the net will also influence the air-flow through and within. Fine nets will inhibit air-flow and will become warm, stuffy and uncomfortable much more quickly. A mesh size between 156 and 300 offers good protection against mosquitoes whilst allowing generous circulation of air.

Information on mesh type

We offer nets with two different shapes of mesh:

Hexagonal (honeycomb) mesh is stronger and more resistant to tearing but requires more material - this makes the hexagonal mesh more suitable for nets that will stay in one position and do not require packing and carrying. Additionally, hexagonal mesh is less likely to stretch and shear out of shape allowing mosquitoes to pass through temporarily enlarged holes - this makes it a better choice for non-impregnated nets.

Diamond (rhombus / square) mesh is not quite as strong, but uses a lot less material, making the net lighter and more compact - this makes diamond mesh more suitable for nets designed to be put in your backpack and carried about with you.

Information on mosquito net shapes

The shape of a net can have an influence on comfort, on its ability to be easily put up and taken down, and on general practicality

Domes / Pop-up Domes : These are self supporting nets that do not require any clips, hooks or string and are generally quick both to put up and take down. However, they do tend to be heavier than other nets and may pack down to be an awquard shape to fit in a backpack - they also tend to have less internal volume than other nets and may become stuffy and uncomfortable more quickly.

Boxes : These are the most spacious nets of all, with the greated internal volume, making them airy and cool compared to other nets. However, having four hanging points they can potentially be cumbersome both to put up and take down - they will also be larger and heavier than some other nets when packed.

Bells : These nets offer great adaptability with their single hanging point and with their spreaders are able to offer a generous internal volume to avoid stuffiness. However, the weight of the net fabric can sometimes make the hanging more problematic, and devising a way to hang the net in a hotel room can often be a challenge.

Wedges : These nets do not have a vast amount of internal space and so can quickly become warm and stuffy, however their small size, lower height and single hanging point can make the putting up / taking down of the net a lot quicker and easier. Less material also means that the net is lighter and takes up less room in your pack.

Information on mosquito net treatment

There are two ways in which a mosquito net can be treated. A net can be dipped or sprayed so that the insecticide treatment adheres to the outside of the fabric, or a net can be impregnated with insecticide in manufacture so that the insecticide is held within the fabric. Both methods are effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay, however, if the insecticide is impregnated it will remain effective considerably longer, will not so easily be transferred from the net to human hands, and can, generally, be washed.

The World Health Organisation recommends the use of an impregnated mosquito net for travel to areas of malarial risk, such as tropical Africa, the Amazon basin and parts of southeast Asia. At Stepping Out we recommend the use of an impregnated net for travel to any equatorial or tropical area, and even for parts of Europe and North America where Dengue Fever is a risk. A net with impregnation offers greater protection as it generally keeps mosquitoes away and out of the room, it also prevents them from biting through the fabric of a net and will even be partially effective if the net becomes holed or damaged.

Mosquito net treatment generally involves the use of Permethrine, or the longer-lasting deltamethrine. Permethrine is a naturally occuring repellent that has been used safely for many years, deltamethrine is a man-made derivative of permethrine that is designed to be stronger and last longer within the fabric of a net. DURALLIN and Zi-Technology are both impregnation methods that make use of deltamethrine.