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Pyramid Cot Net


The Pyramid Premium Baby Bell Cot Mosinet is a high quality bell-shaped mosquito net designed to be hung over a baby's cot or travel-cot. The Pyramid Cot Net has a fine mesh of 300 holes per square inch and a tough, tear-resistant skirt for added durability. The Pyramid Baby Mosquito Net is impregnated with deltamethrine to discourage mosquitoes and other biting insects but is provided with a pop-out spreader that ensures that your child has a generous airy, ventilated space within the net. Designed to work with cots, travel-cots and play areas.

- Premium cot mosquito net
- Bell Shaped
- Single hanging point
- Will also work for smaller children's beds
- Pop-out spreader and reinforced skirt
- Fine mesh and deltamethrine impregnation for added protection
- Wash up to 35 times

Cot Mosquito Net

Dimensions : 140cm high, 560cm circumference at base
Weight : 670g
Shape : Bell
Hanging Points : 1
Mesh : 300 holes per square inch
Treatment : Deltamethrine impregnation

A note on deltamethrine : although deltamethrine is deadly to mosquitoes and other insects it is not generally harmful to humans - however it is advised that direct skin contact is avoided for prolonged periods 

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