Snugpak Sleeping Bag Liner - Silk

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S Silk Liner


- Adds comfort and performance to any sleeping bag
- Machine washable - easy to care for
- Good for both hot and cold climates 

A poor conductor of heat, silk will trap warmth within the bag making it a warm and compact unit for use in colder climates.  In hotter climates the liner can be used instead of a sleeping bag and will help to keep the body comfortable with its natural heat managing characteristics.  Therefore the silk liner is a great choice in extremes of both hot and cold.  Gram for gram the silk liner is the most efficient and will offer you performance and comfort.

Key Features
Supplied with its own stuff sack
Adds a season to any sleeping bag
Easy care - machine washable - dries quickly
Can be used on its own in hot climates
Prolongs the life of your sleeping bag

Colour : Black
Shape : Mummy 
Weight : 150g