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The Tilley TU21 Undershirt is a short-sleeved vest suitable for both men and women. The Tilley TU21 Undershirt is designed for travel in cooler weather, it is made from 100% enhanced polyester - more comfortable than cotton - and works to keep you insulated and warm. Like the other Tilley travel underwear the TU23 Vest is anti-bacterial and can be washed and dried overnight, ready for use in the morning.

- Unisex
- Lightweight and breathable

- Durable
- Stain, odour and bacterial resistant
- Hand-wash and dry overnight
- Made in Canada

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Chest Size : (S) 34 - 36"   (M/L) 38 - 44"   (L/XL) 42 - 46"   (XL+) 48 - 50"    
Please note - at Stepping Out we tend to find that the vest sizes tend to come up rather large - therefore if you are between sizes it might be better to choose the smaller option

Tilley TU21 Undershirt : 100% wash-n-wear Polyester

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