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Have you been out in the countryside? Check yourself and each other for tick bites! If you have been bitten, it is very important that the tick is removed in the correct manner. Do this as quickly as possible, in order to prevent becoming infected with the Borrelia bacterium (Lyme disease).

A tick can be easily removed using the Tick-Out Ticks-2-Go. This exclusively designed tick remover has two different notches for removing ticks. Take hold of the tick immediately behind its head and dig it out. With the Tick-Out Ticks-2-Go, you can even remove the most obstinate tick in its entirety – that is, including its head and legs – without difficulty. This tick remover does not exert any pressure on the tick, so the days of squeezing or ‘tearing off’ ticks are a thing of the past. The Tick-Out Ticks-2-Go can simply be attached to your keyring, so it is always within easy reach.

  • Removes ticks quickly and safely with just a simple sliding motion
  • Specially developed instrument with two notches for dragging or digging out ticks
  • Prevents the ticks being squeezed or ‘torn off’
  • Removes every type of tick, large and small

​​Smaller ticks:

1. Place the centre opening of Ticks-2-Go over the tick and allow it to rest on the skin.
2. Slide the Ticks-2-Go back so that the tick is moved into the narrow part of the opening.
3. Slowly slide the Ticks-2-Go from the skin and feel how the tick is worked loose from the skin.
4. Disinfect the location of the tick bite.

Bigger ticks:
1. Place the opening at the end of Ticks-2-Go just in front of the tick, and allow it to rest on the skin.
2. Slide the Ticks-2-Go forwards so that the tick is moved into the narrow part of the opening.
3. Slowly slide the Ticks-2-Go from the skin and feel how the tick is worked loose from the skin.
​4. Disinfect the location of the tick bite.

If you have been bitten by a tick then you may wish to use a Care Plus Tick Test for advanced warning of the possibility of Lyme Disease – the test is done on the tick, not you, so keep the tick in a small container or zip-lock bag (and freeze if necessary).

EAN code : 8714024383965
Dimensions : 30 x 80 x 135 mm
Weight : 25 g

Tick Removal – General Information
Care Plus suggests that if a tick is removed within 8 hours of biting then the risk of infection is lowered; however, the sooner the tick can be removed the better.

Many people will suggest that a tick can be quickly and easily removed either by smothering it with Vaseline (or some other thick cream), burning it off with a cigarette or lit match, or by anaesthetizing it with alcohol – all these methods will cause the tick to go into shock and regurgitate some of the consumed blood into its host, greatly increasing the chances of passing on Lyme Disease or other infections.

The Tick Out is designer to remove a tick with the minimal amount of damage to that tick – this decreases the chances of shock or regurgitation and therefore keeps the risk of Lyme Disease to a minimum.

If bitten by a tick it is sensible to record the date of the bite, the location of the bite on your body, and the geographical location where the bite was received. Lyme symptoms can take, in certain cases, many weeks to materialise and this information will be of great value to your doctor in determining the cause of your symptoms and treatment for such.

Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease is the most common illness that can be passed on by ticks. Lyme Disease is found throughout Europe, North America, Russia, China and Japan and can lead to serious health problems.  The main areas of Lyme risk in the UK are the New Forest, Thetford Forest, Exmoor, Dartmoor and large parts of Scotland.

There are three stages to Lyme disease:

1. In 35-50% of cases, a red ring-shaped rash (Erythema migrans) appears at the site of the tick bite, generally this will occur within three weeks. This rash slowly ex­pands, fades in the middle and then disappears.
2. During the second phase, flu-like symptoms appear: headaches, exhaustion, pain in arms and legs. These symptoms will also disappear on their own accord.
3. During the last phase, often months after the bite, joint pain, cardiac arrhythmia and nervous system disorders can occur. The effects of these can impact upon the rest of your life.

There is no vaccine against Lyme disease. That is why it is so important that you remove the tick safely and quickly – within 8 hours if possible. Treatment is most successful if started immediately after identifying the tick bite.  

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