Care Plus O.R.S. Electrolytes


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Care Plus


- Quick and easy rehydration with a lemon and lime flavour
- Suitable for avoiding dehydration when travelling
- Useful to restore your body's balance after sport or exercise

Care Plus Oral Rehydration Salts (Electrolytes) are designed to help re-hydrate your body, the glucose-salt preparation helps to promote the absorption of water by the intestines and has applications both for travel and for outdoor use.  Certain people, including the elderly and the young are prone to dehydration, and certain medical conditions such as diarrhoea can lead to dehydration in even the most physically fit, and cause problems when travelling - Care Plus O.R.S. helps to restore the body's balance. Similarly, heavy exercise can leave us tired and dehydrated, Care Plus O.R.S. provides an immediate boost and help to return salts to the body.

Top Tip : Some people even say that Care Plus O.R.S. helps to overcome hangovers

Key Features
- Rehydrates the body and restores salts
- Suitable for travel and sports use
- Pleasant lemon and lime flavour
- Suitable for all ages

Each pack contains 12 individual lemon and lime flavoured sachets - simply empty the sachet into a glass of water.

Size : 8 x 2 x 13 cm
Weight : 95g
Contents : 12 x 5.7g sachets