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Care Plus


The Care Plus Water Filter is a lightweight, adaptable water filter at a very attractive price. This portable 0.1 micron (absolute) water filter captures harmful bacteria and protozoa and makes water safe to drink. Drink straight from rivers or streams using the straw, fill up the squash bag, screw it on to a disposable plastic bottle, or slot it into you chosen hydration pack - the filter has many uses and can also be backcleaned using the syringe provided to produce up to 375,000 litres of water. 

- up to 375,000 litres of clean water
- that works out as 1 penny for 125 litres
- lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand
- multiple applications
- 0.1 micron (absolute) filter
- Flow rate 1.7 litres per minute

Multiple ways to use
- Squeeze pouch (no hoses, no pump, no hassle)
- Drinking straw. Drink directly from your fresh water source
- Screw onto disposable bottle or the tap on your camper / caravan / boat
- Inline with your choice of hydration pack

- 0.1 Micron (absolute) hollow fibre membrane filter
- 500ml reusable squeeze pouch
- Cleaning plunger (syringe)
- Drinking straw
- Filter cap and instructions

Filter Weight : 65g
Filter Size : 140 x 35 x 35mm



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