Care Plus Bundle - Foot Powder and Camphor Spray


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Care Plus


Care Plus Foot Powder and Camphor Spray offer a great way to prepare for a long walk and to minimise the risk of blisters. The Camphor Spray hardens the feet and prepares them for hard work, use it daily for up to 3 weeks before setting off to stop blistering, and use it in the middle of a walk to cool the feet and relieve pain. The Foot Powder absorbs moisture and helps to keep the feet dry and hygienic and should be used in advance of walking, but when walking it can also be used to cool and soothe aching feet. 

- Prepares feet before a long walk
- Reduces the chance of blisters
- Can be used when walking to cool and soothe aching feet

This Care Plus Bundle contains
1 x Care Plus Foot Powder (RRP £6.99)
1 x Care Plus Camphor Spray (RRP £6.99)