Web Security

We appreciate that the secure handling of financial data is of prime importance to all our customers.  At Stepping Out we work hard to ensure that your confidential information stays confidential and that there is no access to this information either from inside or outside Stepping Out.

To ensure secure handling of data we take 3 steps

1) Encryption of your financial data
Our website is certified by Geotrust, a leading provisioner of sercure website encryption - this means that when you proceed through checkout and enter your financial details these are immediately encrypted and not accessible to any nefarious influences from outside our website. The security of the website is represented by a green padlock appearing next to the url in the top section of your browser (exact appearances will differ depending upon the browser used) 

Our website uses 128bit encryption - the strongest commercially available. This geotrust banner allows you to access their website and verifies the secure certification of the Stepping Out website - for convenience this banner also appears at the foot of each page

2) Secure Paypal payment processing
Upon confirming your order, your encrypted financial details are sent to Paypal for secure payment processing. Paypal are a leader in online payment processing and take further steps to ensure that your data is safe in their keeping - they too use 128 bit encryption and have a range of both electronic and physical security measures.  Full details on the security they offer are available here


3) No internal access to financial information
At Stepping Out we have no access to the financial information that you enter in the checkout process - we never see this information, neither is it kept in any form, either electronically or on paper. Once submitted securely to Paypal the information you have entered is no longer available. We also offer guest checkout for those who do not wish their personal data to be held for longer than it takes us to process your order and ensure that everything is satisfactory to you.

Please note - that we cannot ensure that any computer used by you is virus or malware free - and this can lead to interception of keystrokes or data. At Stepping Out we recommend the use of a recognised virus checker and that regular sweeps are conducted to ensure that you are shopping in safety..