Incognito Organic Java Citronella Oil (10ml)

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Incognito Organic Java Citronella Oil is the primary active ingredient in many of the Incognito products, it helps keep mosquitoes away and is at least twice as effective as the common variety of citronella – perhaps because insects have not had the ability to build up tolerance to it. Citronella oil has minimal risk to pets or wildlife and can be used around the home with minimal risk.

- Natural Mosquito protection
- Twice as effective as standard citronella oil
- Multiple uses

Incognito Organic Java Citronella Oil can be used in an oil burner like other oils, it can be added to a base oil for massage or bathing, it can be added to any cream or shampoo for added effect, it can be used in the concoction of household cleaning products, or you can even used a few drops in your luggage or wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling fresh and to keep the mosquitoes away.

Contents : 10 ml
Weight : 30g 
Measurements : 68 x 24 x 24mm

All natural ingredients : 100% Organic Java Citronella Oil (C.winterianus) – avoid undiluted contact with skin.