Snugpak's 'The Stasha'

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A new and improved form of Snugpak's popular All Weather Shelter, the Snugpak Stasha Shelter presents a fresh, lightweight option to the range in order to achieve it's impressive pocket-sized stuff sack packaging. Stash it away in your cargo pants pocket, rucksack or backpack, or any other small, convenient place, ready to bring out whenever you need it.

Equipped with looped webbing and grommets, the shelter can be staked out or attached to the four provided guy ropes, which are adjustable and can be configured in many ways. Plastic studs are placed down two opposite sides, allowing the shelter to be folded and snapped together in order to make an improvised bivvy or an impromptu shelter in emergencies. Combined with the ease of carrying the pocket-sized pack size provides, the Snugpak Stasha Shelter is the choice of shelter for anyone who doesn't want to get caught out in the elements unprepared.

Key Features
​- Improved and effective protection against the elements
- Created with new, lightweight materials
- Plastic studs can be snapped together for improvised bivvying
- Looped webbing and grommets in corners
- Taped and sealed across all seams
- 4 guy ropes included
- Small pack size for easy carrying

Colour : Olive​
Weight : 370g 
Pack size : 18 x 10 x 6 cm 
Size : 245cm(L) x 160cm(W)

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