Care Plus Clean - Hand Gel (100ml)

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Care Plus


Care Plus Clean Hand Gel is a cleaning hand gel that makes your hands feel clean and fresh without the use of soap and water. This hand gel (similar to the gel used in doctors' surgeries and hospitals) will kill 99.9% of bacteria on your hands, but will not dry out the skin thanks to unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera.

- A quick convenient way to clean hands
- Handy to use before eating where soap and water are not available
- Great for festivals and camping out
- Permissable to take in hand luggage for air travel

Stepping Out Recommends : The disinfectant hand gel from Care Plus is great at ridding bacteria from your hands, but is also good at cleaning off dirt - an essential wash-bag selection for any substantial outdoor trip.

Contents : 100ml
Weight : 110g
Size : 35 x 48 x 124mm

Note : Care Plus Hand Gel is an alcohol based disinfectant gel